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Blog Post #4

Currently, I am reading a new book called Last Shot by John Feinstein. It is about a young boy named Stevie who wins a junior journalism contest to go to the NCAA March Madness Final Four in New Orleans. Here he meets the other winner, Susan Carol, and they uncover a scandal about Minnesota State University's best player, Chip Garber, who is being blackmailed into throwing the game. The kids team up with Chip to try to stop this and that is where I have got to so far.


The next part of this blog has to do with my partner's, Lucas Wilton, author, Randall Munroe. The author of my current book, John Feinstein, has a completely different style than Munroe. Feinstein writes about sports and athletic events, but Munroe writes about science and physics. Munroe adds comic strips into his book, What If?, but Feinstein's book, Last Shot, does not. Yet both the authors include comedy into their books at times, Munroe more than Feinstein. 


The third and final part of this blog is how to find a book using BookLikes. One way someone could find a book is by scrolling over the dashboard icon and scrolling down to explore. There one can find blogs about books that people have read. By reading the review, you can tell if you would like the book or not! After doing so, one can go back to BookLikes's home screen and type in the search bar books that they want to learn more about.