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Blog Post #3

Alan Lawrence Sitomer’s book the Hoopster relates to his life in a way. Sitomer is a highschool student in the Los Angeles area, got his college degree, his teaching degree, and his masters degree all in the state of California as well. Sitomer specializes in helping kids get back on track in their respective English classes. Because he teaches in the city of Los Angeles, he teaches an ethnically diverse group of kids, because big cities tend to have more broad diversity than a small town in Rhode Island. Sitomer wrote the book I am reviewing about a high school kid who happens to be a minority, which I think he got from teaching at his school. His students are inspirations to his writing, and he often has his students read his books before they are published to make sure they are appealing to kids. Sitomer’s book the Hoopster definitely relates to his personal life in a way.