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Powerful Quote: The Hoopster

One of the most powerful quotes of the Hoopster by Lawrence Sitomer was"Cedric bellowed at the top of his lungs, stomping his foot like a modern-day Martin Luther King Jr. 'You cannot oppress us any longer! Our people will rise and drink from the water fountains again.'". This is in the first chapter when Cedric is complaining about a waterfountian at the basketball court that is broken. It may be used in a funny context in the time, but it resinates throughout the story.


In the late parts of the book when Andre is attacked for writing an article about racial equality, he is baffled and does not talk for weeks. After he storms out of the house one night, Shawn comes to find him and Andre finally cracks. He is later awarded for that article and gives a speach abou.t rising up in the right way. He does not adviocate violence, but instead he advocates for people to stand up to racial injustices peacefully. This all comes back to the quote Cedric says in the first chapter that forshadows the plot of the story